[ Traditional Knowledge ]

Helping you preserve knowledge for future generations

Your traditional knowledge is invaluable. We can help you protect it.

In the past decade, we have had the privilege of conducting traditional knowledge interviews in over 35 communities across Northwestern Ontario. Having sat down with over 300 Elders, we have established a proven methodology that respectfully collects invaluable.


In addition to having important oral histories documented for future generations, it can assist you with the following:


Protection of your rights and title


Increased negotiating power with government and industry


Preserving culturally and environmentally significant lands


Informed planning and resource management

All information always remains the sole property of the community.

I have worked with CE Strategies to develop a Land Use Plan for our community. The project was completed ahead of schedule. Very professional. Interviews conducted with community members were done in a respectful manner. Traditional Knowledge was part of the planning process and done in a way that reflects our Anishinaabe lifestyle. The Plan itself assisted the community in accessing other pots of funding. It showed funders that we know what we want as a community. The community is excited to see their thoughts and dreams put on paper for them to see. It is a living breathing document that can be changed and altered as time goes by. Miigwetch to CE Strategies. ]


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