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These flooding damage studies would be impossible without your excellent interview work and mapping.


Data Collection

The way we view our world is evolving as new technologies advance our means to gather and access spatial data.

From identifying underground objects, to mapping out large parcels of land, we have a range of data collection services to suit the specific needs of your project.

GPS/GNSS Surveying

Using survey-grade GPS and GNSS technology, our team maps out community assets and values determining their precise locations. The data gathered from surveying can be used in various community planning initiatives, including determining where to build future infrastructure and developments. It is also a key component of our infrastructure inventory projects, where we create a comprehensive database of all existing community infrastructure.

Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground penetrating radar technology allows you to survey that which is under the surface, opening the doors to advanced mapping initiatives and inquiries including burial site mapping, locating underground assets, and ice interpretation.

Our team has had the opportunity to support incredible community-driven projects using our respectful methodology, and we recognize the priority of adhering to community protocols when working in culturally sensitive areas. Subsurface mapping is a way to uncover your history while safeguarding and supporting your development into the future.

Drone Surveying

Data collection using our survey-grade drones opens the door to a wide range of possibilities. The data we gather can be used in a variety of applications, from producing simple high-resolution maps, to large-scale 3D visualizations. Using LiDAR technology, we can penetrate thick canopy, collecting the data that informs highly accurate digital elevation models of your lands and its surface characteristics.

Curious about how you can leverage our drone services to benefit your projects? Learn more about how we can support you, we go in depth about our drones here.

Spatial Analysis

Spatial analysis allows us to better understand where objects are located, how they interact with one another, and how they relate to their environment. Using GIS, we can perform complex spatial analyses to generate project results that can support your community with informed decision-making. Some examples of projects that involve spatial analysis include wildlife and vegetation studies, infrastructure or environmental risk assessments, and values mapping impact assessments.

Using our expertise in geomatics and mapping principles, we can combine spatial and non-spatial datasets to support a wide range of projects and find answers to your questions.

Custom Map Creation

Would having a map of it make things easier? Often times, the answer is yes. We have tons of experience creating maps of traditional knowledge, infrastructure, zoning, lot plans, flora and fauna, and historical land use, just to name a few. We create thematic maps, topographic maps, artistic maps, any map that you need, we can most likely produce it!

Contact us to learn more about how we can help bring your vision to life.

Mining Activity Reporting System (MARS)

We created MARS to help communities identify and visualize mining activity within their traditional territory. The service highlights which community values may be impacted by potential development activities, strengthening your capacity for consultation and negotiation.

In addition to information on mining activity being readily available, we have created an automated mapping service that can contact claimholders on your behalf to make sure exploration companies are aware that you have significant values and a strong presence on the land. Custom options are also available to produce hard copy maps specific to your use-case.


Our vision with MapAki was to make GIS data accessible for the everyday user, so we did.

MapAki is our easy-to-use, GIS tool that provides an overview of your community from above, anywhere, at any time – no GIS expertise required.

  • MapAki is web-based, so you can see your information 24/7 from any internet-enabled device like your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • As long as you can map it, we can include it: MapAki can combine text and media with spatial locations to catalogue anything from sacred sites to hydro lines all in one place.
  • MapAki lives and grows with you: Your data can be updated as changes and developments happen, a feature that can’t be beaten by standard printed maps.
  • A MapAki subscription offers unlimited licenses, users, and access, allowing more people to see your lands and resources like never before.
  • For those with GIS knowledge in their toolbelt, editing and adding data can be done by users right in MapAki, otherwise our technicians can make all the changes you need.

MapAki equips communities and organizations with the tools to help make informed decisions, providing users of all skill levels access to their vital data.

MapAki is mapping made easy.

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