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Data collected with our drones can be used to create stunning visuals and 3D models of your lands and resources that can help you unlock their potential. The tools they generate can assist your community with future planning and development, as well support the protection of your lands from flooding, erosion, and more. Each of our drones has unique specifications and purposes, check them out below to see which one might pair best with your project.


Drone-Powered Data Collection

Drones are powerful tools that can collect a wide range of data to be utilized in a variety of different applications.

Depending on your project, we use high resolution RGB cameras, LiDAR sensors, and video cameras to gather the data required to create customized project deliverables.


Below are just some of the projects you can complete through drone data collection:

  • 911 & Emergency Management Mapping
  • Forest Inventories & Agricultural Planning
  • Archaeological Investigations & Burial Site Mapping
  • Volumetric Analysis
  • Flood Layer Creation & Risk Analysis
  • Future Development Site Selection & Planning


Our Drones

The Perimeter 8

Equipped with GeoCue’s state of the art TrueView sensor, our Perimeter 8 is unmatched at gathering high-precision data for utility-grade mapping deliverables. With the highest endurance and payload capacity of any drone on the market, it is a perfect solution for projects that require LiDAR data collection. From identifying grave sites to performing volumetric analyses, the Perimeter 8 will bring you the best view yet of your lands and infrastructure.

Limitless Capabilities:

  • Volumetric analysis of natural resources
  • Archaeological investigations & burial mapping
  • Forest inventories & agricultural planning
  • Flood layer creation & risk analysis


Statistically Superior:

  • Capable of flying high density areas, covering over 1000 ha in a single day, at standard density rates
  • Flight time of up to 5 hours
  • Ability to penetrate thick canopy
  • Multi-sensor system, allowing for simultaneous LiDAR & aerial imagery data collection


eBee X

Perfect for gathering vast quantities of high-accuracy imagery in a short period of time, the fixed-wing eBee X is our go-to for mapping out large areas and above ground features. Light and agile, it takes just hours to map out around thousands of acres.

Pairing with your projects:

  • Shoreline & corridor mapping
  • Future development site selection & planning
  • 911 & emergency management mapping
  • Normalized difference vegetation index mapping


Discover the Benefits:

  • Image clarity of up to 1.5 in per pixel at 120 m
  • Provides up to 90 minutes of flight time
  • Ability to cover 400 acres per hour
  • Absolute accuracy of 3 cm in aerial imagery


DJI Mavic Pro 2

The DJI Mavic Pro can generate stunning videography and photography of your lands. With a flight time of 30 minutes and a 12 MP camera, this drone captures high-resolution video and still frames for your various projects.

Drone Training

Our training can bring you the skills and certifications required to take off!

As drones continue to expand our capabilities in work, life, and education, it is important that they are controlled safely, and in compliance with regulations established by Transport Canada.

We have developed learning materials and training services that can accelerate your journey to flying a drone and set you up for success in your flight review. If you have already taken an RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) training course, and are ready for the next step, we also offer in-person flight reviews.


Learn about Air Laws and Regulations, key RPAS components, and much more in this course! Our Ground School covers all content outlined in Transport Canada’s TP15263 (Knowledge requirements for Pilots of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems 250g up to and including 25 kg, operating within visual line-of-sight) so you can feel prepared and confident when taking your Advanced Operations exam. Included in the course is a flight review for those who pass the exam.

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Reviews usually take about an hour and a half to complete, and run through everything from pre-flight planning, to safely landing. Once you have completed your review, our flight reviewer will assess whether you safely operated your drone and submit your results online. If successful, you will receive your certificate.

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We run open courses as demand requires and are happy to discuss possible training opportunities or options for flight reviews. Interested, but not sure where to start? Fill out our intake form and we’ll help you reach your goals!

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