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Community planning is the ongoing, evolving process of creating progressive strategies and solutions that will have a positive impact on your future. Every project we engage in is community-driven and establishes a strategic direction that can guide future generations for the years to come. Our focus on integrating employment and capacity building opportunities into our work allows for successful results to extend beyond the project’s lifespan.

Land Use Planning

We offer a variety of community planning services that can support a vibrant, sustainable future, defined by you. Land use planning is the strategic development, use, and protection of your lands. We can support the process by helping you create plans that benefit current and future generations.

Create an accurate picture for the future development, management, and protection of your community and traditional lands. Our involved land use planning process combines input from Elders, leadership, and community members, along with our expertise to develop comprehensive tools and resources that reflect your community’s goals. This approach encourages sustainable results to support current and future generations.

Check out our land use planning work with Bingwi Neyaashi Anishinaabek, Mitaanjigamiing First Nation, and Pays Plat First Nation.

Comprehensive Community Plan

Ensure that future land use is reflective of historical and current values with a detailed community plan focused on zoning design and lot planning, as well as establishing guidelines for future development.

Traditional Land Area Plan

Traditional land area plans help to identify any concerns and values your community may have on its traditional lands and provide more awareness of developments that could impact your culture, economy, and people.

Infrastructure mapping produces vital tools for future planning & asset management.

Using our survey-grade drone and high-accuracy GPS, spatial data is collected on infrastructure such as buildings, roads, curb stops, water lines, hydrants, and more. Once we have completed the in-field data collection, we will then consolidate everything into MapAki, our online GIS database.

This centralized database displaying all of your community infrastructure, shown alongside high-accuracy aerial imagery, allows you to easily access important information about each asset. The information collected in an infrastructure inventory can additionally be used in the following processes:

  • Community lot plans that can be shared with emergency services to decrease response times.
  • Zoning for new development or the establishment of areas to protect from development.
  • Asset management processes, such as ACRS reporting.
  • Studies that identify vulnerable community values, such as environmental risk assessments.

Emergency planning is a proactive step you can take to protect your people, lands, assets, and values in unpredictable situations.

We offer several services that focus on preparing you for the unexpected, and provide you with the tools you need to act quickly and effectively in the case of an emergency. In addition to completing Next Generation 911 (NG911) mapping and fire risk assessments for communities, one of the most impactful services we support are flooding & climate change studies.

Check out our emergency planning and mapping work with Grand Council Treaty #3 and Nokiiwin Tribal Council.

Flood vulnerability studies outline the impacts of flooding and climate change.

Do you know how your community will be affected by flooding?

As climate change continues to reshape our environment, it is important to identify areas that may be vulnerable to future flooding. Being able to understand and visualize the impacts that cultural and natural features may face is key for the creation of important protective measures for your lands. The results of these studies can go on to provide crucial knowledge that informs land use plans, emergency plans, and more.

Check out our climate change and flooding risk assessment work with Grand Council Treaty #3, Bingwi Neyaashi Anishinaabek, and Missanabie Cree First Nation.

Project Results

Study results can inform land use plans, emergency plans, as well as capital and strategic plans.

Comprehensive tools are produced that can help with stakeholder communication and streamlining future planning.

The impacts to infrastructure, resources, cultural values, and natural features are determined.

An adaptation strategy can be created, outlining prevention and mitigation measures.

Build a rewarding future with sustainable economic development.

How can we help you achieve your own economic prosperity?

Discover project results that can unlock your economic potential. By working together, we can create a strategy aligned with your vision and values that can lay the groundwork for success. Using our comprehensive tools and resources, we can help you reach your unique goals.

Check out our economic development focused work with Pays Plat First Nation, the Ojibways of Onigaming and Nigigoonsiminikaaning First Nation.

  • Environment & Natural Resource Assessments
  • Infrastructure Feasibility Studies
  • Capital Planning Studies
  • Strategic Planning
  • Sector Analyses