Project Management

Support from start to finish, and beyond.

Our services maintain a common goal of driving success through self-sufficiency. We combine our experience with effective tools and resources to create an approach that is client-driven and supports sustainable results. In each project we manage, we strive to include capacity building opportunities such as project liaison roles, or training, whenever possible.

Could additional support lead your team towards accomplishing its goals?

Whether we were involved in the project’s inception, or jumped in to support it, our team has had the opportunity to manage a wide range of projects. Our management style is organized, efficient, and always prioritizes your needs. We offer continuous support with:

  • Planning and organization
  • Establishing realistic project scopes
  • Closely monitoring timelines and budgets
  • Assisting with communication and facilitation of meetings
  • Maintaining project reporting

Proposal Writing

We lead our applications with creative, locally sourced strategies that always reflect your needs.

Our team can help you secure the right funding for your needs. Drawing from our diverse experience and portfolio, we have developed a strong proposal writing style that contributes to a high success rate. We always customize applications to reflect your unique project goals and vision.

Strong Relationships with Funders

We have established strong relationships with funders and organizations that can support your projects.

Unique Proposals

By working together, we create tailored proposals that are unique to your community.

Delivered On-time

We can help you meet those fast-approaching submission deadlines.

“Thank you again for the tremendous work that you did for my proposal. Your support was instrumental in getting it submitted on time and receiving funding for our community. I will be sure to let everyone know about the excellent work you do.”


Customized Network Solutions

Streamline the way you work by centralizing all of your information.

Could your community benefit from a centralized, accessible file management system? Efficient file management can help boost your organizational capacity and increase employee productivity. We have helped many of our clients implement Customized Network Solutions that allow their team to securely access and edit important files from anywhere, at any time.


Digitize your files to preserve them from physical damage.


Centralize everything, making your documents only a couple clicks away.


Maximize protections with layered security measures and permissions.

Project Results


We create easy-to-use file structures that provide a centralized location for your documents. Standardized naming conventions and consistent folder arrangements keep your files organized.


Switching from a physical server to an online storage solution can save you a lot of money by eliminating the upkeep, and allowing you to store large amounts of data for a low cost.


Your information is stored in secure data centers managed by dedicated security professionals. Layered protections are built into each file in your system, and every step is taken to safeguard your information.


Access documents easily, even when working remotely.

Simplified Sharing

Customizable permission settings within departments and throughout the organization.

Scan and digitize your invaluable historical maps and documents.

We can safely scan and organize your historical documents to protect them from physical damage. By digitizing and georeferencing hardcopy maps, you can make sure your data is preserved and accessible.

Customized file structures and databases can also be produced to keep all digitized project information in order, so you can focus on applying it in your ongoing projects.