The perfect solution for accessing your community data.

MapAki is our easy to use mapping tool that provides users of all skill levels with a way to view, edit, and update data from anywhere at any time.


Every project that uses real world values and locations can use MapAki to transform how the data is displayed and used. Our map interface is user-friendly and can be customized to support you in reaching your own unique goals.

No Set Up Required

We take care of data importing and setup. We can also train staff on how to import and edit data to keep MapAki up to date.

MapAki is Secure

Data is kept private and maps are password protected. You control who has access.

Everything, Everywhere, all at Once

MapAki is a one-stop-shop for accessing your values and assets all in one place, from hydro information to erosion zones to cultural knowledge.

24/7 Access

MapAki is accessible on the web from any internet-enabled device with unlimited licenses and users, allowing more people to see your lands and resources like never before.

Complete and Up-To-Date Projects

Maps are kept up to date through working with our clients to ensure any data or information updates happen as they occur.

Seamless Image and Video Support

Images and videos are embedded in custom pop-up windows.

Custom-Made Web Maps

Our cartographers make sure that your data is presented in a respectful and visually pleasing manner.

Data Analysis Tools

Support for useful tools such as querying layers, generating reports, and proximity analysis.

MapAki is a perfect companion tool that can strengthen your existing processes.

You don’t need technical expertise to make MapAki work for you. MapAki can introduce GIS into your administration or work alongside existing software to provide staff with the data they need rather than relying on external supports.

Traditional Knowledge

Traditional Knowledge

MapAki securely stores invaluable traditional knowledge, allowing you to protect important features as well as preserve oral histories for future generations. Community information remains protected, and available only to those who have been granted access.

Emergency Mapping

Emergency Mapping

MapAki can host information vital for future planning and development, including flood data showcasing potential impacts to lands and infrastructure, lot plans configured to Next Generation 911 standards, and fire risk mapping.

Infrastructure Inventory

Infrastructure Inventory

MapAki can combine real world locations of community infrastructure with maintenance records, historical reports, and any other key information. When you complete an infrastructure inventory with CES, MapAki highlights your assets at a survey-grade accuracy, allowing you to keep tabs on all utilities, even those that are difficult to see. 

Land Use Planning

Land Use Planning

MapAki is the perfect companion technology for land use planning. The database can easily visualize zoning and allows you to reference community values, such as burial sites and sacred areas, that can inform your decisions, whether for future developments or the necessary protection of community lands.

“Having our community infrastructure mapped out through a computer program is exactly what we needed. Our Maintenance Dept uses the information to plan out future Sewer & Water projects. The information is at our fingertips for reference instead of digging through dusty manuals. Our Housing Department uses the information to determine where to build and is a great asset in the planning process. The Council has access to the information that enables them to make more valuable, insightful and informed decisions. As a planning tool for the community, MapAki is invaluable. Miigwetch to CE Strategies.”