October 16, 2020

Like many other businesses, this summer was very different here at CES. Typically we are on the road visiting clients, conducting traditional knowledge interviews, and enjoying the great outdoors in Northwestern Ontario. This summer though, was a time for working on our skills, building our team, and coming up with exciting new projects.

Drone surveying is something we have always seen opportunity in. During the lockdown, we were put in the tough position of reevaluating our services, and after much deliberation we decided that now is the time. Just like everything we do, we wanted the ability to provide top notch results. To achieve this, we purchased a survey-grade drone that greatly expands our capabilities.

We can fly our drone for around 90 minutes, and in that time it has the ability to take up to 2,400 photos. These surveys provide us with the data that is processed into 3D models, aerial photos, contours, and much more. We share these tools with communities to support them with projects such as land use planning, flood plain mapping, or future development.

The potential with this drone is exciting. This fall we have already been conducting large-scale flights of some of the communities we work with. We are really looking forward to having the ability to create powerful new tools that communities can benefit from using our new drone.