Off to New Heights

cestrategies Economic Development, GIS & Mapping

Like countless other businesses, this summer was very different here at CES. Typically we are on the road visiting clients, conducting traditional knowledge interviews, and enjoying the great outdoors in Northwestern Ontario. This summer though, was a time for working on our skills, building our team, and coming up with neat and exciting projects.

Drone surveying is something we have always been circling here at CES, but we just never set aside the time to get the licenses, order the drone, and work through the kinks of such a new service. We decided early on in the lockdown that now was the time to take the leap, and after much deliberation, we went ahead and picked up a drone.

Usually when people think of drones, they think of small quadcoptors, so when we showed up to our first project flight people were a little surprised to see the eBee X, something that resembles a large raven. They’re even more surprised when they see that to get it started, we just throw it into the air and off it goes!

We normally fly the eBee X between 45 and 60 minutes, and in that time, it can take up to 2,400 photos. These pictures are taken back to our office and processed into 3D models, aerial photos, contours, and much more. We share these tools with the communities we work to help with land use planning, site assessments, flood plain modeling, and more.

The potential with this drone is nearly limitless. We are always learning its different applications, and really looking forward to trying out new projects with it! Coming up this fall we will be conducting a large-scale flight of some islands out in Rainy Lake. Hopefully, we will be taking off to new heights, and not going for a swim.