Using GIS to Empower Housing Departments

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As we prepared to attend the First Nations Housing Conference (FNHC) trade show last week, we reflected on how powerful GIS is as a tool for community housing departments. Our staff know how limitless the capabilities of GIS are, and seeing our clients directly benefit from these technologies is compelling. Community housing is such a large and crucial responsibility that we are happy to support any way we can.

Lately, our team has been working with Nigigoonsiminkaaning First Nation to map the homes in their community. The map provides accurate locations and addresses for housing and community buildings giving staff, as well as third parties, a quick frame of reference in organizational and planning processes. This map will also be an asset in the case of an emergency to ensure the right dwelling is located quickly or that each home is evacuated. It may be a simple tool, but this map is highly beneficial.

One of our more frequent projects benefiting housing departments is infrastructure inventories, also known as asset inventories. We have taken the standard infrastructure inventory project and enhanced it with our MapAki software. Not only is every piece of community infrastructure mapped, but related non-spatial information is also brought into the database, like maintenance records and drawings. This makes the infrastructure inventory a living document that can be updated and allows the community to have everything they need in one central location.

These are just a couple ways we have had the opportunity to assist community housing departments. We met some great housing professionals at FNHC that we are looking forward to working with and showing the capabilities of GIS. Do you have an idea about how GIS can support your job? We would love to hear it!