Creating a Tool for Health Transformation

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The current healthcare system is not meeting the needs of First Nation communities in Ontario. Communities do not have all the required healthcare services available, so individuals often have long journeys to receive treatment and/or care is not culturally relevant. Indigenous communities and organizations like Grand Council Treaty #3 have begun Health Transformation initiatives to reform the healthcare system for their territory, which involves gaining control and closing the gaps in care.

To help tackle the enormous task of Health Transformation for their communities, a client came to us to create a map showing the healthcare facilities within their territory. Our team saw an opportunity to create a tool that would contain more detailed information and visually represent the gaps in healthcare. Utilizing our MapAki software, we worked with our client, government, and health organizations to create a Regional Healthcare Transformation Portal to accurately reflect the state of healthcare in the territory. The Portal is a web-based tool containing available healthcare facilities, patient journeys to access care, and other relevant information. We continue to expand the tool to help our client make informed decisions on healthcare for and with their communities.

We are both proud and humbled to have had the opportunity to participate in Health Transformation for First Nation communities. We look forward to seeing a better healthcare system in the future.