Greenhouses: Enhancing Food Security

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Community food insecurity has increasingly become an imminent threat from climate change. Shortened ice road seasons, flooding, and other seasonal shifts are creating changes to the accessibility of nutritious food options for First Nation communities. One of our clients identified the need to adapt to the situation while developing their comprehensive community plan, and approached our team to help establish a greenhouse.

We started the project by using GIS to identify a suitable location for the greenhouse within the limited land available for development. Next, we determined the specifics of the greenhouse to ensure it will continue to support the community for the foreseeable future. We partnered with a local horticulturalist to gain expertise and ensure every aspect of the plan was optimized for success, then put together comprehensive funding proposals. Through our research, we determined that funding was needed to cover not only the structure, but additional components like dedicated staff that would help drive continued success for the greenhouse.

During the Northern Ontario First Nations Environment Conference (NOFNEC), we had the opportunity to tour our horticulturalist partner’s greenhouse along with the conference delegates. It was a great opportunity to see what a strong greenhouse could provide for a community.

A few months later, we are excited to report that the community received approval from the primary funder! We hope to receive approval from the secondary funder soon so the project can begin. We are ecstatic to be a part of this initiative and look forward to seeing the fruits of our labour (pun intended).