Community-Driven Land Use Planning

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The creation of a community-driven land use plan is an important step that communities can take towards becoming self-sufficient in managing their lands and natural resources. With growing industry activity and new developments popping up all across the country, now more than ever communities can benefit from a tool that will help guide future planning decisions, developments, and protection of their lands.

We have had the opportunity to create community based land use plans for a number of clients. Mitaanjigamiing First Nation and Couchiching First Nation are two communities we have worked closely with on developing land use plans that provide actionable steps for the future conservation and use of their lands. For each community we work with, it is essential that the plans we create effectively direct future development and align with their unique vision and values.

We combine our planning and GIS expertise with consistent community engagement and direction to create comprehensive land use plans with an action-oriented implementation strategies. These projects required a lot of hard work and dedication to meet the tight deadlines, but with the help of Elders, leadership, and community members, we delivered plans to each community that are based on their individual values, provide guiding steps for the future, and can be used to address current needs like housing and economic development.

We recently visited Mitaanjigamiing, and they have already started implementing some of the new developments discussed in their land use plan. It has been exciting to see everyone’s hard work being put into action.

Miigwetch to all of the communities we work with on land use plans, for allowing us to be a part of these important projects!